El Paso Civil Law Attorney

The Carter Law Firm strives to provide a wide variety of legal services for the El Paso community. I fight hard everyday in the courtroom to get my clients the type of monetary damages and respect that they deserve. I demand respect inside and outside of the courtroom when it comes to advocating for the rights of my clients to ensure the highest quality of legal representation.

El Paso Criminal Law Attorney

I fight to prevent lives from being destroyed and turning into shambles due to criminal charges. Remember that you have valuable rights such as the right to remain silent, and the right to a jury trial. I fight hard, and treat all of my clients with dignity and respect.

El Paso Domestic Violence Attorney

In today’s society it doesn’t take much to be accused of domestic violence. El Paso has a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence. Domestic violence is considered a crime of moral turpitude in the state of Texas, and can be very stigmatizing. Many times domestic violence charges are also accompanied by protective orders that can also carry serious consequences.

El Paso DWI Attorney

Driving drunk is against the law, and the punishments can be very severe. Just having one drink and driving can lead to a DWI arrest. All that a police officer needs to initiate a DWI investigation is the presence of the odor of alcohol coming from your breath or person.